Server Updates 11/08/2015

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Server Updates 11/08/2015

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:18 pm

Server Update 11/08/2015 05:54 GMT+2

Realfix Some times monsters disappear(checked)
Fix Random Disconnects
Fix Chat shows your message 2 times(checked)
Added Dark raven/Dark horse in shop
Removed Monsters elements(causes lags for some players)
Removed Some useless arena monster spots
Removed Extra5 bok's (all the items added in normal boks+1-+5)

Server Update 11/08/2015 18:00 GMT +2

Server crash FIX
Experience gain FIX
Sometimes players had lag FIX
Monsters/shops some times disappear FIX
Cape of lord ADDED
Exc Starting sets/weapons for all characters ADDED
Starting zen changed to 200.000.000 UPDATE


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