Grand Opening

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Grand Opening

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:13 am

Welcome to NetGate Mu Online , server is opening at 10/08/2015 19:00 GMT+2
Registration will be available for everyone but the download links will be up on grand opening time.

Server Rates

1000 Starting Points
10.000.000 Starting Zen
Max Stats 65535
Max Resets:999
Max Grand Resets:Unlimited(First player that will grand reset will win 10000 Credits)
Webshop Available(Max exc options 2 fair for everyone)
BOK +1 +2 +3 +4 +5  Plus 5 more boxes that drop all kind of sets are in shop
All jewels/skills/wings are in shop
Great starting/arena spots
Points per level:20
Chaos Machine Rates:Normal
Create any character from lvl 1

Server Hardware/Network

Intel® Xeon® E3 1230 v3 16GB RAM
Hosted in germany with 1GB/s connection
Lifetime dedicated subscription

Server Events

All Season 1-8 events working plus customs
Castle Siege will be ready to run 2 weeks after the grand opening

Player Commands


If you have any questions please Contact Us!


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